Psychosocial Support Pillar

This is the main stay of the organization and some of the activities supported by this pillar are as follows

Activities This is the mainstay of the organization and has the following activities

  • Psychotherapy
  • Psycho-education
  • Group counseling

    Amina receiving community home based care.

    Amina receiving community home based care.

  • Health talks

What WADADIA Members Do:

  • Member do home visits in the community
  • Provide care to sick or bedridden clients
  • Monitor the progress of clients
  • Offer basic skills to family caretakers
  • Care for children whose parents have passed on or left both financially and psychosocially
  • Facilitate the formation of support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS, those with obstetric fistula, and survivors of gender-based violence. These groups provide a conducive environment for the initiation of income generating activities
  • ┬áCounsel parents to improve their relationship with their young girls through communication. Especially girls who have been abandoned by their parents after getting pregnant at school.
  • Offer psychotherapy through recreational activities such as dances, plays, martial arts, entertainment, and physical fitness.
  • Have peer educators and counseling groups to reach out to target group
  • Use one on one and group sessions to support not only the members but the community at large