Strategies used for sensitization and identification of Fistula client


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Sensitization of communities on obstetric fistula is a key component in the action on fistula programme. Sports has been enlisted as one of the best mobilizing strategies for sensitization outreaches in Kenya. WADADIA’S women soccer team has made tremendous progress in sensitizing other teams they play against.


The programme is a full scale public health intervention which aims to prove fistula can end in Africa. Along with working directly with patients and our outreach team, our field programme has an important male component called male involvement to fight fistula, we believe men in Kenya have a very important role to play in fistula patience finding in rural areas as well as providing prevention massaging and support to their age cohort about vital issues that relate to fistula prevention.

The members are trained in advocacy, leadership and outreach, there goal are educating there peer groups, finding patients, along with providing vital education and peer group supports resisting early marriages ,FGM, and the tenents of safe child birth planning and execution.