Rising above the ashes.


Client Name: Esther Nanjala.

Age                : 35

Home Area   : Kimama area, Chesikaki

No. Of Years

With O .F       :2.

Marital status: separated

Esther was married and had had three kids safely delivered by the same trusted ‘Mukunga’ in her home area, (There is only one hospital in the area which is miles away from where Esther stays) so when she was expectant with her fourth child, all was well, she regularly paid the ‘Mukunga’ visits for checkup as she always did, her days were the normal farm work to taking care of her husband and kids. When the time came to deliver the Mukunga was called, unlike her other kids this labor was painful and tedious, she labored for three long days, she threw all manner of tantrums, and thankfully the ‘Mukunga’ was patient enough. Fortunately the baby was safely delivered but she remained with the emotional, psychological and physical scars to show for the birth.


Esther in a green African print dress During the Quilts training

Esther at her work station at Wadadia’s Tailoring Center

 The birth marked the start of her two long years of battling the shame of urine leakage, being talked about all the time, her mother showed her love and support but to her that wasn’t enough she yawned for the acceptance of everyone, Esther missed her former social life and self, her mother regularly checked on her. Her in-laws didn’t help much, despite the discrimination she stayed back at her husband homestead, the need to provide her kids with a steady home being the reason for her stay. Back then she could do anything deemed necessary to avoid the taunts of a failed marriage. She lived in denial of the condition.


Fortunately  her future took a turn for the best when she went to a neighboring funeral and heard Florence, one of Wadadia Corps talk about the condition she had, she decided to take the chance and introduced herself , she was screened and referred to Cherangany nursing home where she received the life transforming surgery a week after the encounter. Wadadia later made three follow ups calls and visits, during the sessions Madam Florence advised her to take up Wadadia reintegration training. “I took up the offer because I wanted to better myself, improve my home, and take care of my children since their father took off immediately, Word has it that he is in the city and remarried, I can’t blame him, I was really smelling, I signed up for tailoring classes and Quilts training which I am taking very seriously, I am hopeful to succeed, I left my children under the care of my mother since I am a full time boarder at Wadadia’s rehabilitation center. I have learnt lot since my stay with women who have gone through the same ordeal, I joined a support group where I embrace both group and individual counselling”. She express her many thanks to the hospital staff and surgeons for the second chance at life and Wadadia team for the help they are offering women. “I always spread the word, fistula is treatable,  I am dry, now I mingle freely with people, Fistula might have robbed me a husband but it has blessed me with a group of women in my support group who genuinely care and has enabled me discover my inner purpose and talent. I am rising above every insecurities because as a team I know we will make it, I am a better version of myself, a better mum to my children and honestly I am loving every step of my reintegration process and a brighter tomorrow’, she concludes.

During a one on one psycho social care and support


Join us and help us win the fight to ensure that No girl or woman is living and suffering from the preventable and treatable obstetric Fistula.