Phaustine is aged 21 years and lives in Musango village, Mumias East sub-county. At the age of 18, she was pregnant with her first child. Lilian Shisia, a CHV who operates in the CU that Phaustine belongs, upon finding her, Phaustine disclosed that she has never attended any ANC clinic since she didn’t see any need for that was her first child.  Also, her friends had misinformed her that it was better she starts attending clinic when the pregnancy was about 7 months old so that she doesn’t visit the clinic many times before delivery.

Lilian then took her time with Phaustine educating her on the importance of ANC visits according to the training that Wadadia had given them. Phaustine then agreed to start attending the Ante-natal clinics. When Phaustine went to the facility, she was diagnosed with HIV which took her by surprise and even thought that she and her child were already dead.

When Lilian visited her to check on her she found Phaustine’s mother wailing and claiming that her child and grandchild were going to die. Lilian took her time again to motivate them since they knew that because the mother was positive, it was automatic that her child will also become positive eventually. Phaustine biggest worry was also that her husband will chase her away as soon as he gets wind of Phaustine’s status. Little did Phaustine know that her husband already knew his HIV status and was taking ARVs in secret

Lilian then approached Phaustine’s husband who disclosed that he takes ARV drugs secretly but when Phaustine came back from the clinic, he checked in the maternal book in order to confirm Phaustine’s HIV status. Lilian then brought them together where she counseled the two at length after which they resorted to taking drugs in the knowledge of the other.

The CHV kept on visiting them educating Phaustine on birth plan and also proper nutrition. On the day of delivery, she went to Shianda health center where she delivered successfully. After delivery, she breastfed her child exclusively for six months. The child is now two years old and HIV negative.

Phaustine is now very happy and now educates fellow women on the importance of regular ANC visits. She also thanks, Wadadia since if it were not for their intervention she would have suffered stigma for long