Life Beyond the Surgery


After ensuring that all obstetric fistula patients undergo the life changing surgeries WADADIA helps the survivors form support groups that enable them to share their experiences and ideas and provide emotional support to one another. Their leaders have undergone some training in facilitating the group discussion,The survivors are able to train in literacy,computer skills ,health classes as well as embroidery, sewing courses, handcrafting and jewelry.  This groups enable the survivors realize that they are not alone-that there are other people who have the same problem,this is often a revelation and a huge relief,it also helps them develop a new skills,The women also undergo weekly individual and group counselling to monitor their progress and how they are coping with life.  In addition the members of the groups who have the same problem can support each other and may suggest new ways of dealing with a particular problem.


Obstetric Fistula support group meeting at the WADADIA’S HQ in Mumias.


Mt. Elgon obstetric fistula survivors support group

The reintegration process helps the women regain their sense of self-worth, take control of their health and improve their economic well-being.
WADADIA is committed to journeying with this women through their recovery and reintegration process.

West pokot fistula survivors support group displaying the goats they bought as a group.

Sewing session at the Baringo holding center.