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Obstetric fistula is a child birth injury as a result of prolonged labour without medical intervention resulting in uncontrollable leakage of urine and /or feaces and can lead to physical and psychological challenges, including social isolation. Leaving the women ashamed of themselves and traumatized. Wadadia with the support of the Fistula Foundation identified the need to have a rehabilitation, support groups and vocational training program since Fistula survivors require emotional, economic and social support to fully recover from their ordeal.

Psycho social officer, Madam Martina Matianyi led them in group therapy.

Wadadia has Fistula rehabilitation and reintegration centers in Mumias and Kabarnet that serve as a sanctuary for women and girls recovering from obstetric fistula operations and provide life skills training and opportunities for the survivors. The follow up team conducts several calls to check on survivor’s progress and assess their eligibility for the training program and refer them to fistula support groups close to them. The psychosocial officer offers therapy to individuals and the side effects of viagra group during their support group meetings.  The support groups acts as a safe haven for opening up, their second family and coming up with projects to better themselves. Wadadia trains these women in sewing, beading, hairdressing, quilting, catering and computer. After the training the trainees develop the knowledge and skills they need to establish income and become financially independent.

Wadadia is proud of the progress support groups have made. These women have become more confident, brighter and very vocal on matters Fistula. They spread the messages of hope to other women and the community. For this reasons it is vital that the grassroots work continue.

KAKAMEGA FISTULA SUPPORT GROUP:  These Survivors have come a long way. They meet two times a month to share their experience, assess their progress as a team and forge ahead. Standing together and supportive of each other. The group came up with poultry as their project.

kakamega support group.

CHESIKAI FISTULA SUPPORT GROUP:  This group is well known as ‘Tujijenge’ in their area. The survivors took to farming. The group is doing pretty well. They supply their farm produce to institutions and companies.

“I am happy that fistula foundation is changing women’s lives and helping lots of women. We are clean now some of us had endured fistula for many years without knowing exactly what it was we were suffering from, my bed is ever clean and I sleep peacefully. I have benefited a lot from this support group. I am the group secretary. Thanks to Wadadia and the Fistula Foundation, I will go down in History as a Business woman, our lives have been totally changed”. Marcella Tarus.

CHEPTAIS FISTULA SUPPORT GROUP: This group started out on a high note. They ventured into farming, poultry farming, and kept goats. They are currently taking catering training and want to take the world of hospitality by storm. They are really excellent cooks and have great personalities and public relations etiquette. They are one group to watch.

“There are so many weddings and parties going on. We want to position ourselves better and get these chances. The members are very eager to learn new recipes and the teamwork is great, these group is going places”. States a hopeful Lena-Group chairperson.

These women are part of the fistula awareness and advocacy team. The Fistula Foundation believes no woman should endure a life of misery and isolation simply for trying to bring a child into the world Hence the Foundation is supporting Wadadia’s work to ensure fistula awareness is increased, stigma is reduced and the number of referrals is increased. Obstetric Fistula is both preventable and Treatable.