Celebrating the Wadadia women soccer team.



WADADIA employs various strategies to reach the community to sensitize, identify, screen and refer women suffering from Obstetric Fistula. One of the strategies is the use of WADADIA kick fistula out of Africa legball team. Sensitization was at its best when the legball team hosted Eldoret Falcon on Sunday 10th Sept 2017 at Mumias Sports Complex.The team is made up of the first 18 players who participate in the match and an additional six players who sensitize the crowd during the matches. After thumping their opponents 3-1, wadadia players started by sharing Obstetric Fistula information with their opponents before they went around disseminating the information to those who had attended the match. This was a replica of what happens during all the matches the wadadia leg ball team plays lead by the field officers and the technical bench who lead the process. Availability of information is one step in the fight against fistula and helps in demystifying myths and misconceptions about the condition, as well as providing information on prevention and treatment. Most of the spectators are men hence they are made to understand their role in prevention and elimination of Fistula.


A player from the Wadadia sensitizing the fans and opponents on matters Obstetric Fistula.


Wadadia line up just before the match started.


Team during the warm up session.


Wadadia team as they faced off with Eld Falcon. our girls made us proud. Wadadia:3 Eld Falcons 1

Sensitization after the match