Celebrating The Lasting Impact Fistula Foundation and Wadadia has On Women


Celebrating the Lasting Impact Wadadia and Fistula Foundation has on Women.

The joy is priceless

Wadadia staff sorting and awarding the trained obstetric fistula survivors with the sewing machine packages.









When I was pregnant at the age of 17, not once did I go to the doctor for prenatal care. I had my baby at home with the help of two women in the village, these two women are most trusted in the village when it comes to delivering despite their age. I labored for three days and that is how I contracted Fistula. Luckily for me my baby girl was fine, although very weak.

Vivian as she receives the sewing machine.

The Administration officer Mr. Steve Mraba and Madam Margaret their tailoring trainer in a group photo with the sewing machine beneficiaries( who trained and graduated from the sewing program early this year.










During the very first weeks I did nothing about it because I did not know what was wrong. I was afraid of the odor. My husband left, I decided to go back to my parents’ home.  My mother was by my side and helped take care of the baby but I stayed away from other people including my siblings who were afraid of me- I did nothing at all –people called me names they said I was a bad omen, they even referred to me as a walking corps, and true to that I really smelled as like a rotten animal. One day my mother came home and informed me that she had met a woman named Florence who was attending to women who had the same health problem as me. She told me the woman will be able to help us out since she knew what I was suffering from. The very same week Florence from wadadia as people call her in the village called on us and asked me several questions that I responded to. I came to learn later that she was doing verbal screening to determine my condition if it was a fistula. She then send us the money and I left for the treatment at Cheranganyi Hospital in Kitale town. I arrived at the hospital with fear and anxiety but the hospital staff put a smile on my face, the nurses and doctors were friendly and the meals were also free, I couldn’t believe that I was going to receive free treatment. I had hope of getting better because there were many other women there who were recovering after treatment.  After the successful surgery, wadadia had me under observation they made three follow up visits to my home and encouraged me to join their Kabarnet Rehabilitation center in Baringo County where they train survivors on tailoring, knitting, computer packages, bead work and hairdressing. I took interest in tailoring because in my village we only have an old man who owns the business. I wanted to offer my services. I have trained for over three months and we graduated and were given certificates at the wadadia head office in Mumias in April 2017. I am currently married and thanks to the wadadia community who helped me a lot through giving general education on health and reproduction, I have received both individual and group counselling which I must admit has made me a better person.  I got married again and I have a baby boy named Prince Noel.

The Obstetric survivors as the celebrated the sewing machine donation they received as their start up kit from Lorraine and Harold Kit Brazier

On 4th of September 2017  I received a call from Madam Florence that I was needed at the Wadadia head office because a donor had donated a many sawing machines for those survivors who had trained and are certified. I was overjoyed, I did not even sleep that night, I wanted to get there as first as I could.  They welcomed me and my son warmly, I too got reunited with other survivors that I trained with. We are very grateful to Wadadia for being there for us and for making it our second home, Many thanks to the Fistula Foundation for giving all the survivors a new life- A big thank you to Lorraine and Harold Kit Brazier for donating the sewing machines and the startup kits because you have made it possible for us to start our own business and enabling us gain respect in our communities. You have no idea how much help you have offered me… May the Good Lord Bless you.

Vivian holding her two month old baby-she is very grateful for the care and help she has received from wadadia.

Vivian displaying the charcoal iron box that is part of the sewing machine package. she comes from a village where electricity is still unavailable









I want to tell others: if you have such a problem where you are leaking of urine or stool come out. Wadadia has helped and is helping many women have a new life’. A smiling Vivian states


The obstetric fistula survivors as the receive the sewing machine donated by Lorraine and Harold Kit Brazier