After the Surgery.


Obstetric Fistula occurs as a result of prolonged labor without prompt medical intervention, causing a hole in a woman’s birth canal which leaves her with chronic incontinence and in most cases loss of the baby. Women in this conditions are often afraid, have lost hope, are living in shame and worse still are shunned or blamed among their peers and the society for the condition and are unable to earn money, Most fall deeper into poverty and further despair. These women desperately need counselling as much as they much as they need the surgeries. Wadadia ensures to reach these women through media, door-to-door, Wadadia Fc Kick Fistula Out of Africa and outreaches dubbed ActionOnFistula.

Fistula survivors at the hairdressing and bead work center

Wadadia employs psycho social counselling coupled with various skills training namely computer, Hairdressing, Bead work, tailoring and quilts training as a way to jump-start the reintegration process of Fistula survivors back into the communities after they have received the constructive surgery.

The survivors during one of the weekly Quilts training.

Most if not all of the women who suffer from the traumatic condition are often detached and heartbroken hence the need for the psycho social counselling and therapy.

The skills training enables the adolescent girls and women to earn an income and build a crucial life skills. We are committed and dedicated to make the world a better place for Fistula survivors by ensuring that we guide and stand by them giving them a voice and every support deemed necessary during the recovery. These Women must know that they are not alone, we are committed to offering them the much needed care, therapy to enable them make peace with the people who mocked/abandoned them, for them to feel part of the society and for them to feel the love. it pains to see some of them totally detached.







Kick Fistula Out Of Africa 2017 Season Update.


Empowering Women Through Sports, it was songs and dances from wadadia fans as WADADIA women leg ball team played its last match last Sunday against Bulemia Fc at the Mumias sports complex ground and this is how it went down,our  girls had excellent ball possession, good display good runs and not one but seven goals to show for it, full time score 7:0 A big thank you to our fans. ”It was a good game but a difficult one, Bulemia Fc is a very competitive team, but being our last match we were determined to make the last statement, we complement our opponents for making it tough for us,’’ states a proud Lucy who scored more than three goals for wadadia fc during the match.

The Wadadia leg ball squad minutes before the match.

Wadadia’s fans and Fistula survivors who turned up to cheer the team

The songs and dances hit climax as the fans meet the players after the match.

Good ball possession.


It was a big win for Fistula as more women and girls came out for screening and some of the spectator’s referred their loved ones and we are proud that two Obstetric Fistula patients are already at the facility awaiting treatment. The team has throughout the season maintained their zeal towards ensuring that the Fistula message of hope reaches more audiences through their home and away matches. Finishing at number 3 the team is optimistic that come next season they will be better placed to tackle the games. WADADIA FC is a family that is cultivating future generations in ways of  Fistula prevention and treatment awareness and we have been nicknamed as ‘’messengers of Hope’ ’adds a smiling Marion who is Wadadia’s midfielder.

A player sensitizing audiences on fistula after the match

Yesterday the team together with the Wadadia management met at the organization’s Boardroom to deliberate and reflect on the season’s activities, experiences and most importantly on the team’s mission to educate the public about Fistula. The lead director appreciated the team’s efforts and assured them of her support next session, the players were encouraged to maintain discipline in preparations for next season, Some of the leg ball members who attend quilts and computer training classes under the Wadadia’s reintegration program  were urged to continue with the positive attitude towards gaining new skills to better themselves. The girls were reminded and encouraged to continue accessing the psycho social services which are available 24/7 when going through challenging situations.

Because of this powerful group of Kick Fistula Out Of Africa who are very determined to ensure that there are zero fistula cases in Kenya, we are certain that the future is bright for all our girls and women, Because of the mentor-ship and fistula training from the Wadadia management team the ActionOnFistula program has been and continue to be successful. Because of our partnerships and the support of our Donors the Fistula Foundation, Our work continues to spread across the country and beyond. Because of you the community reading this, we will End Fistula in our Lifetime.




Rising above the ashes.


Client Name: Esther Nanjala.

Age                : 35

Home Area   : Kimama area, Chesikaki

No. Of Years

With O .F       :2.

Marital status: separated

Esther was married and had had three kids safely delivered by the same trusted ‘Mukunga’ in her home area, (There is only one hospital in the area which is miles away from where Esther stays) so when she was expectant with her fourth child, all was well, she regularly paid the ‘Mukunga’ visits for checkup as she always did, her days were the normal farm work to taking care of her husband and kids. When the time came to deliver the Mukunga was called, unlike her other kids this labor was painful and tedious, she labored for three long days, she threw all manner of tantrums, and thankfully the ‘Mukunga’ was patient enough. Fortunately the baby was safely delivered but she remained with the emotional, psychological and physical scars to show for the birth.


Esther in a green African print dress During the Quilts training

Esther at her work station at Wadadia’s Tailoring Center

 The birth marked the start of her two long years of battling the shame of urine leakage, being talked about all the time, her mother showed her love and support but to her that wasn’t enough she yawned for the acceptance of everyone, Esther missed her former social life and self, her mother regularly checked on her. Her in-laws didn’t help much, despite the discrimination she stayed back at her husband homestead, the need to provide her kids with a steady home being the reason for her stay. Back then she could do anything deemed necessary to avoid the taunts of a failed marriage. She lived in denial of the condition.


Fortunately  her future took a turn for the best when she went to a neighboring funeral and heard Florence, one of Wadadia Corps talk about the condition she had, she decided to take the chance and introduced herself , she was screened and referred to Cherangany nursing home where she received the life transforming surgery a week after the encounter. Wadadia later made three follow ups calls and visits, during the sessions Madam Florence advised her to take up Wadadia reintegration training. “I took up the offer because I wanted to better myself, improve my home, and take care of my children since their father took off immediately, Word has it that he is in the city and remarried, I can’t blame him, I was really smelling, I signed up for tailoring classes and Quilts training which I am taking very seriously, I am hopeful to succeed, I left my children under the care of my mother since I am a full time boarder at Wadadia’s rehabilitation center. I have learnt lot since my stay with women who have gone through the same ordeal, I joined a support group where I embrace both group and individual counselling”. She express her many thanks to the hospital staff and surgeons for the second chance at life and Wadadia team for the help they are offering women. “I always spread the word, fistula is treatable,  I am dry, now I mingle freely with people, Fistula might have robbed me a husband but it has blessed me with a group of women in my support group who genuinely care and has enabled me discover my inner purpose and talent. I am rising above every insecurities because as a team I know we will make it, I am a better version of myself, a better mum to my children and honestly I am loving every step of my reintegration process and a brighter tomorrow’, she concludes.

During a one on one psycho social care and support


Join us and help us win the fight to ensure that No girl or woman is living and suffering from the preventable and treatable obstetric Fistula.


The Strength Of A Woman.


Name            : Caroline

Age                : 44

Home area   : Kakamega

No. of years: 7

With O.F

Marital status: Separated

Meet a jovial Caroline, working at her assigned work station, at wadadia rehabilitation and reintegration center as a tailoring trainee, she is the storyteller of her group, the go to  kind of woman, but she is quick to tell us that it was not always like that for her, having been rendered immobile by the terrible disease she later learnt was called ‘fistula’, right now she assures us that thanks to the rehabilitation, which involved being introduced to several other women who had suffered the same misfortune as hers, they formed a group where they share their experiences, fears and future plans, they go as far as exploring various ways to generate income, the counseling sessions have been her most glorious times. Over time she has learnt to let people in, she states that she made herself this one promise to be always happy, to celebrate her second chance at life, whenever she meets any woman suffering from the same predicament to re-assure them and support them through referral to WADADIA for help. No woman under any circumstance should live through what she had to live through. We question her further on her bio and this is what she lets out.

Caroline at work, its always been her desire to learn a trade she can depend on.

“I contracted fistula after a very long labor lasting over three days, during the birth of my last born in 2009 born at  public hospital in bungoma, you know when you go to public hospitals due to lack of funds the nurses delay and  don’t pay that much needed attention, I had carried the pregnancy for over eleven months which was not normal, my in-laws made fun of my miseries ,most alluded it to some mistake I must have done during my hey days that resulted in some kind of curse, My husband did very little to help the situation, the birth was horrific, the nurses inserted some metal and water inside me, it was  very painful, it is bad enough to go through the difficult labor and worse to deal with the loss of a baby you looked forward  so much to meet, after three days I discovered I was seriously leaking of  urine uncontrollably, whether I was a sleep or walking and even when working in the farm and around the house. It became my second nightmare, People really can demean, they talked, some started laughing at me, My in-laws had nothing but mean things to say and they even suggested that my husband takes a second wife and rid himself of the shame I brought the family, being a drunkard, he always left very early and returned very late. I was left solely with the responsibility to fend for the entire family, he needed and wanted sex whenever and however he wanted it when came home, it was as if he was oblivious of my state, we together have ten kids, two passed on, he became worse with his drinking, he would disappear for weeks then reappear. At  around December 2015 he disappeared never to reappear, we were  just speculating and guessing, he could have remarried, he might be hurt or forever gone”.

Caroline with her fellow trainees during a practical ( material cutting)session at Wadadia’s boardroom

“I am just glad I got the chance to meet WADADIA’S Rosalina (Wadadia’s Corp) who helped change my life. I was screened and referred to Cheranganyi Hospital in Kitale town where I was treated on 19/10/2016. The hospitality by the nurse was  and the doctors worked on us, What this repairs are doing to women like me who can’t afford treatment is God sent”.



The team Behind the team


`Fistula Foundation with its trusted partner Astellas have and are touching and transforming the lives of thousands of women who are affected by Obstetric Fistula by giving them a second chance through free and life restoring surgeries, they are committed to ensuring that No Woman suffers from this devastating condition with the main believe that when women are healthy and productive the community and country benefits.  Wadadia is implementing its strategies in Kenya under the programme #ActionOnFistula which the organization uses as an opportunity to mobilize communities, sensitize the masses, identifies fistula patients, refers the patients and use the opportunity to destigmatize the child birth injury. Throughout  our outreaches we  emphasize on the fact that #obstetricFistula is preventable and treatable.

The teams during the home visit to Ms. Jackline Buluma who is a fistula survivor.

The group during a group photo at Ms. Jackline Buluma’s Home

Wadadia further ensures that #FistulaSurvivors go through Intensive counselling, psychosocial support group meetings and skills empowerment as part of their healing process to enable them reintegrate back to their communities.

At the outreach.

Screening session during the outreach

the group attended various of activities from viagra pas cher home visitation to the outreach and wadadia’s skills center

Yesterday the fistula foundation together with the Astella team paid a visit at the Wadadia’s HQ in Mumias where they got the opportunity to grace our activities ranging from Community sensitization Outreach activity at Koyonzo market, Client home visitations, skills empowerment center tour well as brief session with fistula survivors support group and the Male involvement group.

The outreach was entertaining, educative and interactive