Wadadia FC ladies kick-started the year on a promising note. The team is famously known as Kick Fistula out of Africa under the Action on Fistula program and plays at the Kenya premier league level which is the top league in the system. The girls returned to the playground and their zeal and confidence is overwhelming as they take on other women soccer teams, taking fistula messages to other counties and scooping awards. These are the encouraging chants that are shaping the season. The team has trashed its opponents in pre-season friendly matches both home and away. The WADADIA advocacy and awareness ladies soccer team has so far won two tournaments in western Kenya ahead of the Kenya Women Premier League 2018 season.

Wadadia FC receiving an award after a match.
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The team had a two week pre-season training with a week review and training on matters fistula under the stewardship of the Assistant coach and Team manager Madam Florence Wanyonyi. The Goal of the program is to reach out to a wider public and increase awareness on Obstetric fistula. Wadadia FC seems to have had an impact, emphasizing that women experiencing uncontrollable leakage of urine /faeces should seek free screening and treatment at the selected fistula treatment centers in the country. At the core of the message is that fistula is both preventable and treatable.

The team receives mentor-ship and guidance from the organisation.

Wadadia management provides mentor-ship to the wadadia fc members. The girls have embraced the reintegration program where they access computer training, bead-work, sewing, catering, quilting and hairdressing. Majority have an intimate relationship with the psycho social officer where they share and get guidance on psycho social matters that they face. Some of the players are beneficiaries of education scholarships for higher education thanks to kind partners. Through these initiatives, the organization is very optimistic of the economic independence of the Wadadia Fc members.

The Kenya Women’s Premier League 2018 Fixtures are out and the season looks very competitive. Wadadia is happy and confident with the current wadadia fc squad. Join the movement, cheer our team and increase awareness of fistula prevention and treatment. Join #KickFistulaOutOfAfrica page and get the whole activity and events as they unfold. Together lets beat Fistula.

2018 FKF fixtures is out


Kick Fistula Out Of Africa 2017 Season Update.


Empowering Women Through Sports, it was songs and dances from wadadia fans as WADADIA women leg ball team played its last match last Sunday against Bulemia Fc at the Mumias sports complex ground and this is how it went down,our  girls had excellent ball possession, good display good runs and not one but seven goals to show for it, full time score 7:0 A big thank you to our fans. ”It was a good game but a difficult one, Bulemia Fc is a very competitive team, but being our last match we were determined to make the last statement, we complement our opponents for making it tough for us,’’ states a proud Lucy who scored more than three goals for wadadia fc during the match.

The Wadadia leg ball squad minutes before the match.

Wadadia’s fans and Fistula survivors who turned up to cheer the team

The songs and dances hit climax as the fans meet the players after the match.

Good ball possession.


It was a big win for Fistula as more women and girls came out for screening and some of the spectator’s referred their loved ones and we are proud that two Obstetric Fistula patients are already at the facility awaiting treatment. The team has throughout the season maintained their zeal towards ensuring that the Fistula message of hope reaches more audiences through their home and away matches. Finishing at number 3 the team is optimistic that come next season they will be better placed to tackle the games. WADADIA FC is a family that is cultivating future generations in ways of  Fistula prevention and treatment awareness and we have been nicknamed as ‘’messengers of Hope’ ’adds a smiling Marion who is Wadadia’s midfielder.

A player sensitizing audiences on fistula after the match

Yesterday the team together with the Wadadia management met at the organization’s Boardroom to deliberate and reflect on the season’s activities, experiences and most importantly on the team’s mission to educate the public about Fistula. The lead director appreciated the team’s efforts and assured them of her support next session, the players were encouraged to maintain discipline in preparations for next season, Some of the leg ball members who attend quilts and computer training classes under the Wadadia’s reintegration program  were urged to continue with the positive attitude towards gaining new skills to better themselves. The girls were reminded and encouraged to continue accessing the psycho social services which are available 24/7 when going through challenging situations.

Because of this powerful group of Kick Fistula Out Of Africa who are very determined to ensure that there are zero fistula cases in Kenya, we are certain that the future is bright for all our girls and women, Because of the mentor-ship and fistula training from the Wadadia management team the ActionOnFistula program has been and continue to be successful. Because of our partnerships and the support of our Donors the Fistula Foundation, Our work continues to spread across the country and beyond. Because of you the community reading this, we will End Fistula in our Lifetime.




Bringing Help And Hope Right On Your Door Step.


Over the years Wadadia in partnership with Fistula Foundation have and are giving hope to women and girls suffering from obstetric fistula by helping them access free life restoring surgeries . Obstetric Fistula condition is the result of prolonged labor without prompt medical intervention, causing a hole in a woman’s birth canal which leaves her with a chronic incontinence and in most cases, the loss of the baby. women in this conditions are stigmatized among their peers and the society in general, they are excluded from daily community activities/life and abandoned by their husbands and families isolating them not only socially but also emotionally, this makes it very difficult for them access medical care, Fistula is most common in Kenya’s most poorest and most vulnerable and marginalized women and girls.

Madam Rosalina Offering fistula screening at Pefa church after the service.

Madam Florence, Wadadia’s field officer on one on one with the mama mboga.

Fistula sensitization during one of the football matches


However Wadadia and Fistula Foundation have changed this narrative, in order to reach far and wide, Wadadia employs various means and strategies to reach these marginalized group. This ranges from broadcast media, community outreaches, football, community rallies , men action groups as well as Door to door mechanism targeting households, Despite challenges ,efforts are put in place to ensure that there’s no place we cant reach, With all these strategies in place, Wadadia’s to priority is to ensure that no women suffers from obstetric fistula when treatment is available,and get the necessary help for those suffering from the same and that those who have been successful repaired are reintegrated back to the society are economically productive in the journey to ensure that we achieve a #Generation free from #Fistula.

Wadadia’s madam Florence took the Fistula sensitization and screening to the church


Empowering Women For Extra Income.


Wadadia in Networking with Quilts for Empowerment is involved in coming up with various ways to help build the capacity of the Obstetric Fistula survivors in the Economic Empowerment Sector.

Madam Norah Facilitating the training.

Through networking, Quilts for empowerment is training fistula survivors in quilt making which will help boost their income after production and selling (done by Quilts for Empowerment). This is in line with Wadadia’s third pillar on Economic Empowerment. The training kicked of today 16th September 2017 Facilitated by Madam Norah. At the end of the of the training the survivors will be able to make the quilts which will be sold and empower them economically.

The group at work.


kick fistula out of Africa women soccer team


WADADIA employs various strategies to reach the community to sensitize, identify, screen and refer women suffering from Obstetric Fistula. One of the strategies is the use of WADADIA kick fistula out of Africa legball team. Sensitization was at its best when the leg ball team hosted Eldoret Falcon on Sunday 10th Sept 2017 at Mumias Sports Complex.The team is made up of the first 18 players who participate in the match and an additional six players who sensitize the crowd during the matches. After thumping their opponents 3-1, wadadia players started by sharing Obstetric Fistula information with their opponents before they went around disseminating the information to those who had attended the match. This was a replica of what happens during all the matches the wadadia leg ball team plays lead by the field officers and the technical bench who lead the process. Availability of information is one step in the fight against fistula and helps in demystifying myths and misconceptions about the condition, as well as providing information on prevention and treatment. Most of the spectators are men hence they are made to understand their role in prevention and elimination of Fistula.

A player from the Wadadia sensitizing the fans and opponents on matters Obstetric Fistula.

Wadadia line up just before the match started.

Team during the warm up session.

Wadadia team as they faced off with Eld Falcon. our girls made us proud. Wadadia:3 Eld Falcons 1

Sensitization after the match