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Over the years Wadadia in partnership with Fistula Foundation have and are giving hope to women and girls suffering from obstetric fistula by helping them access free life restoring surgeries . Obstetric Fistula condition is the result of prolonged labor without prompt medical intervention, causing a hole in a woman’s birth canal which leaves her with a chronic incontinence and in most cases, the loss of the baby. women in this conditions are stigmatized among their peers and the society in general, they are excluded from daily community activities/life and abandoned by their husbands and families isolating them not only socially but also emotionally, this makes it very difficult for them access medical care, Fistula is most common in Kenya’s most poorest and most vulnerable and marginalized women and girls.

Madam Rosalina Offering fistula screening at Pefa church after the service.

Madam Florence, Wadadia’s field officer on one on one with the mama mboga.

Fistula sensitization during one of the football matches


However Wadadia and Fistula Foundation have changed this narrative, in order to reach far and wide, Wadadia employs various means and strategies to reach these marginalized group. This ranges from broadcast media, community outreaches, football, community rallies , men action groups as well as Door to door mechanism targeting households, Despite challenges ,efforts are put in place to ensure that there’s no place we cant reach, With all these strategies in place, Wadadia’s to priority is to ensure that no women suffers from obstetric fistula when treatment is available,and get the necessary help for those suffering from the same and that those who have been successful repaired are reintegrated back to the society are economically productive in the journey to ensure that we achieve a #Generation free from #Fistula.

Wadadia’s madam Florence took the Fistula sensitization and screening to the church