Intervention Strategies

WADADIA Peer Educators.

WADADIA Peer Educators.

WADADIA CBO employs the following strategies, singly or in combination, to achieve its set organizational goals:

  • Peer education
  • Community strategy through CHWs
  • Comprehensive Community Outreaches
  • Youth empowerment for community information dissemination strategy
  • Support group interventions
  • Networking and collaboration with other Civil Society Organisations

The Reintegration program

fistula women 3

Habiba Corodhia Mohamed talks to Florence Naliaka Matabili, 47, as she attends her farm in the Mount Elgon region of western Kenya. Florence is a Fistula survivor.

WADADIA has developed a Fistula Reintegration Programme which is aimed at resetting or reintegrating fistula survivors back into their communities and families after the trauma of suffering    from fistula. After treatment, fistula clients do not directly go home; WADADIA identifies and prepares volunteer host families to stay with the clients as they get a break from their home environment while healing for a period of 3 months. During this period, WADADIA counsellors provide theraph sessions to the clients, their home families and the host families. Simultaneously, the organisation provides skills training in tailoring, beadwork and hairdressing to the survivors. At the end of the reintegration programme, the clients go home fully healed and equipped with a skill to support themselves. They also find a more welcome atmosphere at home and encounter less stigma as survivors of this dreadful condition.

The Girls football team

football team

Women football team

The organization additionally has a girls football team which is currently participating in the second tier league in the country, WADADIA F.C. WADADIA F.C. is a girls football or legball team constituting of girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who engage in soccer to hone up their skills in the sport. More s Community Technology Transfer section. The team continues to perform well in the Nationwide Division One League, although the organization faces challenges in financing trips to far off places during away matches. Overall, the soccer team has transformed the lives of many girls, who may have potentially fallen into the early pregnancy, early marriage and / or HIV/STI trap