Wadadia with the help of Fistula Foundation has supported innovative models of community involvement to meet the needs of women and girls affected by obstetric Fistula. Many a times in the past, fistula was a rare topic for discussion, Wadadia has however changed that narrative, it has traversed and journeyed through various locations in Kenya and has given voice to this women by giving them free repairs and reintegrating them back to their communities.

David, 20, son to dolphin, 64, is the hero of his mother dolphin after bringing her forward to WADADIA for she had suffered with fistula for over twenty years. David who is the last born of four had always been affected by how his mother was being treated in the society and by her own husband. David’s mother was treated as an outcast, for people in the village related to her as [the cursed one].

David in is quest to find help for his mother during their visit at wadadia.

At the age of fifteen, David witnessed his father physically assaulting his mother and insulting her. This disease as believed by many in Buchifi was a curse from dolphin’s side, even the financial state would make people confirm the rumors. They were a family that lived from hand to mouth with only one breadwinner who is the father, a cane cutter. Things moved from bad to worse twenty years ago when Dolphin got the dreadful condition and her husband immediately took up a new wife.

All her children being male she really didn’t have anyone to clean her when she leaked until our hero,  There were days even weeks when dolphin refused to eat because she didn’t want to leak. “I was very tired of the unexpected leaking, I didn’t want to get out of bed, I started having crying spells and feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness were the order of the day, after several years with the same complication I go used to it, I believed it must have been a curse or some bewitching from one of the many women my husband went out with…she narrates. David, decided that enough is enough and dropped out of school to become a boda boda rider so as to help his mother out. At generique cialis mylan fifteen, he had hope that there was a cure for his mother’s disease. The first hospital he went to gave him an option which was surgery but it was way too expensive considering their financial state .All in all, David came up with a savings account to raise money for his mother’s surgery.

David’s mother at wadadia HQ.

This was very difficult for he was the only one trying to help his mother out, even his siblings believed that their mother was cursed and kept their distance .His father wouldn’t hear any of it was up to David to put food on the table and find a cure for his mother .But this didn’t stop him from having hope he continued visiting hospitals to inquire if there could be a cure and if there is, how much it would cost.

Call it fate, last week, Tuesday, 20th August 2017 as he was taking a customer home, he poured his heart out to her and the lady told David that WADADIA is the place to be, after five years of searching David finally found a solution for his mother’s illness .David and his mother are very grateful to WADADIA for their help. The mother is on her journey to recovery after a successful repair last Saturday. David’s mother thanks Wadadia for the second chance and looks lovingly at David, She wouldn’t have accessed help without his son’s quest.

wadadia’s field officer madam Florence as she leads the pair of patients out of the offices as they head for treatment.

The patients will receive care and free repairs at Gynocare hospital, Eldoret.





There is light at the End of the Tunnel


A holistic approach to fistula treatment entails the physical (surgeries) and the psychological which entails raising the self-esteem of the clients both before and after repair. Due to the high stigmatization of the women with this condition there is need to go beyond the surgery to cure fistula. This necessitated the start of the reintegration programme of the Fistula survivors which is implemented by WADADIA with the support from FISTULA Foundation. Under this programme WADADIA has devised various ways of raising the self-esteem and status of these women after the repair. This is done through structured follow-up of the clients, provision of individual and group psycho social therapy through formation of support groups. WADADIA has six operational support groups in Kakamega, Bungoma and Westpokot Counties. The Support groups usually have experience sharing sessions, group counselling sessions and peer counselling.

The chesikaki Fistula support group.

The support group receives monthly counselling from wadadia’s madam Martina matiang’

WADADIA staff attended three support group meetings in Bungoma County. These meetings were held at Chesikaka, Cheptais and Chepsienya. At Chesikaka, the support group have a merry go round and table banking where they save money to start projects. At Chesikaka the team met a group of jovial women who are united by their journey with Fistula, they meet twice a month to share their stories, encourage each other and share both social and economic ideas. With Wadadia’s help they have been able to plant vegetables, tomatoes and are now planning to acquire goats. They are able to sell the produce from the farm as a group, therefore take care of their small families and make decisions that concern them directly. Their lives are back to normal after the repair, since they can freely interact with other people which was unheard of before the treatment. The support groups has transformed them a lot and risen their self-esteem. In their groups, they are able to brainstorm and choose bigger IGAs that they can graduate to through the support of WADADIA. To these women, WADADIA is a blessing to their lives and their family members.

chesikaki fistula survivors women support group photo.


Indeed there is light at the end of the tunnel


Reintegration of Fistula Survivors Taken To The Next Level.


It takes more than an operation to get the Fistula survivors back on their feet, Wadadia led by its founder and lead director Madam Habiba C. Mohammed, through the support of Fistula Foundation is devoted to ensuring that women suffering from obstetric fistula do undergo the life restoring surgeries, and reintegrate them back in the community. This is through the reintegration programme that helps the women through the recovery process both physically and psychologically by offering psycho-social support through individual therapy sessions and group therapy sessions in their support groups and economically empowering the women through vocational skills training. This formed part of the discussion during the exchange programme visit by Beyond Fistula who also run a programme on reintegration of fistula survivors.  Madam Debbie Eisenberger Matityahu (Founder) and Christine Fox from Beyond Fistula shared on the importance of reintegration of the survivors and imparting of vocational skills to them. Emphasis was also laid to the holistic approach to reintegration so as to enable survivors perform their roles in the society well.

from the right madam Christine Fox,Madam Habiba c. Mohammed and Madam Debbie E. Matityahu sharing a light moment.

from the right madam Christine Fox,Madam Habiba c. Mohammed and Madam Debbie E. Matityahu sharing a light moment.

The Beyond Fistula team meeting and sharing with the Survivors.


Reid Garber having his hair done at the Wadadia salon center by madam Florence who is a fistula survivor and Wadadia’s skill center officer.


Madam Debbie Matityahu enjoying a dance with one of Wadadia’s obstetric Fistula Survivors.


The Fundraising Dinner


We appreciate the Advocates, family, supporters of our vital works, long-term friends and partners of WADADIA  who came out in full force at  the fundraising dinner. The event which raised funds that are directed to aid the completion of the WADADIA’s empowerment and rehabilitation skills center block, included soft Music, touching and inspiring testimonies from the Fistula survivors,inspiring speeches, interactive sessions and nice delicacies. The dinner was Hosted by WADADIA’s Lead director, Madam Habiba c.Mohamed. The keynote speaker was Madam Christine Fox of the Beyond Fistula, Madam Nora Hamisi also Graced the occasion.


partners,friends and family during the fundraising.

Madam Christine Fox Graced the occasion

Your support will make a tremendous difference to thousands of women in Kenya, who desperately need the reintegration program after the fistula repairs, with your help we can and will achieve a free obstetric fistula generation. Thank you for your gifts and donations.

Guests admiring the beautiful works of the WADADIA fistula survivors.