Dine with a Purpose


Dine with a purpose

WADADIA in partnership with its long-term friends and partners over the years have been a committed and dedicated empowerment and rehabilitation center. We raise awareness to prevent Obstetric Fistula, provide free treatment to affected women, and offer psycho-social support and reintegration services for women.

While we have no doubt emerged victorious in the battle to end fistula over the years, the war has not yet been won, much more needs to be done, we can’t afford to wait, many women and young girls in Kenya and Africa in general have and are suffering from this preventable and treatable condition in silence.

This coming Saturday 29th 0f July 2017 starting 3pm join us at our WADADIA’s HQ offices in Mumias,host a table of four persons at Ksh. 8000 or reserve your place for Ksh. 2500. Lets Dine, enjoy soft drinks, share great ideas, listen to living testimonies from our survivors, dance and raise the critical funds needed to complete the rehabilitation and reintegration center block, therefor promote the reintegration of women into the community and give them a productive and independent life.

We are most grateful to Fistula Foundation for supporting our vital works.

Together let’s make Obstetric Fistula Something of the past in Kenya.

finalizing on the preparations for the D-day.



Life Beyond the Surgery


After ensuring that all obstetric fistula patients undergo the life changing surgeries WADADIA helps the survivors form support groups that enable them to share their experiences and ideas and provide emotional support to one another. Their leaders have undergone some training in facilitating the group discussion,The survivors are able to train in literacy,computer skills ,health classes as well as embroidery, sewing courses, handcrafting and jewelry.  This groups enable the survivors realize that they are not alone-that there are other people who have the same problem,this is often a revelation and a huge relief,it also helps them develop a new skills,The women also undergo weekly individual and group counselling to monitor their progress and how they are coping with life.  In addition the members of the groups who have the same problem can support each other and may suggest new ways of dealing with a particular problem.


Obstetric Fistula support group meeting at the WADADIA’S HQ in Mumias.


Mt. Elgon obstetric fistula survivors support group

The reintegration process helps the women regain their sense of self-worth, take control of their health and improve their economic well-being.
WADADIA is committed to journeying with this women through their recovery and reintegration process.

West pokot fistula survivors support group displaying the goats they bought as a group.

Sewing session at the Baringo holding center.


Strategies used for sensitization and identification of Fistula client


This is done through




Sensitization of communities on obstetric fistula is a key component in the action on fistula programme. Sports has been enlisted as one of the best mobilizing strategies for sensitization outreaches in Kenya. WADADIA’S women soccer team has made tremendous progress in sensitizing other teams they play against.


The programme is a full scale public health intervention which aims to prove fistula can end in Africa. Along with working directly with patients and our outreach team, our field programme has an important male component called male involvement to fight fistula, we believe men in Kenya have a very important role to play in fistula patience finding in rural areas as well as providing prevention massaging and support to their age cohort about vital issues that relate to fistula prevention.

The members are trained in advocacy, leadership and outreach, there goal are educating there peer groups, finding patients, along with providing vital education and peer group supports resisting early marriages ,FGM, and the tenents of safe child birth planning and execution.