Faith Mapesa


Faith Mapesa

Faith Mapesa Namanda 25 years old born at Chesikaki village Bungoma County. She was married at Lwakhakha, a town at the Kenya-Uganda boarder line. Faith is the first born in a family of six to Mr. Wekalo and Mama Eunice wekalo. Faith was brought up as a bright beautiful lady. Her parents loved, respected and considered her as their first born daughter. This made her believe she was mature enough to have a sexual partner. She got pregnant at the age of Seventeen years when she was due to join class Six.

After she found out that she was pregnant, Faith who was by then not at their home came back and started staying with her mother since her father had passed away.

Faith later gave birth to her first born while at home where she remained as the single parent to her child since the first man had abandoned her with the child. His reasons were that he was not ready to marry her and that he was not sure whether the child was his or not.

Faith applies the skills she gained on tailoring training to earn a living that makes her able to meet basic needs for her family

Faith and her parents sought the help of the council of elders but her boyfriend still refused to accept his responsibility. Since Faith did not have enough evidence and witnesses to support her, the elders could not apprehend these man and he therefore walked away free, something that was really painful and devastating to Faith and her parents.

Faith with support of her parents decided to move on and take care of her child. She later got a man after one year who accepted to marry her and whole heartedly decided to take the responsibility of caring and bringing up her baby. So faith finally and formerly got married to Mr. Alfred Namanda who comes from Lwakhakha.

They stayed happily but when Alfred the husband noticed that she had conceived another child he started mistreating her. Most of the time he did not stay at home with them.  When her time for delivery was due, Faith started to experience some labour pains for her second born. She was taken to Korosiandeti dispensary, a health facility in Mt Elgon part of Bungoma County. The child had overgrown and so she developed R.V.F but did not disclose to anybody.

Due to fear, Faith remained silent up the time she had her fourth born who now worsened the situation she had. As usual her fourth was also big and therefore she was rushed to Bungoma County referral hospital where they operated on her. She was discharged with a catheter and when the catheter was removed she started leaking urine.

This made Alfred the husband not to care at all but instead he told her that it was the first husband who had bewitched them to have this problem. He asked her to go back to the first husband or stay without peace.

Faith decided to go back to her mother and told her that “you are the only parent I have so please mum, if you will abandon me then I will commit suicide together with my children.

Her mother took her in with the kids. They kept praying to God to hear them and one day God heard their prayers. A visitor came to their home one day in the morning and the mother narrated to the visitor what they were going through. The visitor told them that she also had a girl with the same problem and there was a lady who linked her to Wadadia in 2014.

The visitor gave them the number that belonged to Florence Matabili, a CORP in Mt Elgon part of Bungoma County. Through Matabili, Faith underwent verbal screening and was reffered to Cherenganyi Nursing Home where she was treated and discharged after 14 days

After her repair, the husband was informed that  his wife was okey. The man followed her but this made her to run away from her home because she feared and disliked the man who had mistreated her because of fistula. She decided to go to Florence Matabeli’s home. Florence stayed with Faith  for months then the husband until the man threatened to sue Florence Matabeli through the court of law.

Matabeli helped and taught Faith on how to do business thus small scale vegetable farming, water melon farming and poultry keeping. Florence sought advice from the WADADIA’s re-integration officer on how long she can stay with Faith when the man was becoming worse and rough.  The reintegration officer adviced Matabeli to let Faith go back to the husband with proper advice on how she should take care of her self including abstinence for six months.

Florence requested the reintegration officer to take client Faith to the holding center at kabarnet in Baringo county. So the husband agreed with the wife to go for the skills training. This made her very happy.

This Client was at the holding center for the skills training for six months. She was a fast learner and good at memorizing. She did well during this period and successfully graduated. Faith was among other clients who received sewing machines from WADADIA at their graduation. Currently Faith lives with her husband peacefully and their children. Faith now does her work of sawing that enables her earn some income that she uses to meet the needs of her family. Besides tailoring, she is also able to run her erands at home and in her farm. She is able to socialize and participate in women groups’ activities within her community

Faith at her farm. Comfortably doing her duties as a wife and mother

The husband is one great happy man and he thanks WADADIA to have helped his wife regain her dignity and respect in society. They are now a happy family and living a happy life. Alfred says his wife does the sewing and repair of clothes for people from Uganda and Kenya.