Road towards HIV free society


The first discovery of the HIV virus brought about fear, stigmatization, untimely IMG_20160820_110734deaths and suspense in the community. Since then interventions to combat the spread and multiplication of the virus have been put in place. Most of this efforts have borne great positive results. WADADIA has also played and still plays a major role in implementing this interventions. We have journeyed along visionary partners to see a result of a HIV free society. Although we have not fully achieved this vision but we are closer to the goal. Gone are the days when people suffering from HIV virus were stigmatized. It is such joy to know that you have someone to lean on regardless of your situation. Among the interventions in combating the spread of the virus are prevention of mother to child transmission and support groups for people living with HIV virus. Support groups for the people living with HIV encourages them to embrace their status, lead a healthier life and also fit more comfortably in the society. Here is an excerpt of a support group for the adolescents.