Women And Development Against Distress In Africa (WADADIA) is a sub recipient implementing the Global Fund round 10 HIV project under Kenya Red cross society as the Principal Recipient. The Road Towards an HIV Free Society is a project that aims at contributing to the reduction of new HIV infections and AIDS related morbidity and mortality for a HIV free society in Kenya. The project in its third year of implementation had the following specific objectives:

  1. To expand care and treatment services to reach Universal Access by 2013 and maintain the cohort through to 2016
  2. To increase by at least 25%, coverage of MARPs, HTC, PMTCT and PEP interventions by the year 2016.

WADADIA, as one of the Sub Recipients, has in the last three programme years been implementing activities under the following four Service Delivery Areas: SDA 1.2: Care and Support for the Chronically Ill (through HCBC), SDA 2.1: Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT), SDA 2.2: HIV Testing and Counselling (HTC) and lastly SDA 3.1: Leadership and Governance.

This various reports therefore have been developed by the organization to review and validate the success of the programme and to address if any of the outstanding issues, limitations, and recommendations. The reports also aims at outlining targets that were accomplished within the programme   period as well as best practices for implementation of future projects.

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Women And development Against Distress In Africa is a registered non- profit making Organisation Implementing programmes in seven Counties of  Western part of Kenya and in the North Rift region of Kenya. The organisation implements the projects in this region under a vision of a world where women are healthy, enjoy their full rights and are empowered to effectively meet their obligations in society.

The organisation has therefore developed this report that covers the Action On Fistula project activities. The project aims at increasing access to care and treatment for the fistula clients in Kenya. These activities were implemented under the following four service delivery areas namely: Capacity Building and Awareness Creation, Care and Treatment for fistula client’s ,leadership and governance as well as coordination, networking and collaboration

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